> j o y (:  f a i t h †  l o v e ♥
j o y (:  f a i t h †  l o v e ♥
a dream is a wish your heart makes <3



hello dreams and ambitions, imagination and heaven wrapped blessings (:
dedicated to jesus, i love you more than the colour red.

Once upon a time, in a far away kingdom,
there lived a little razzle dazzle disneystar.
transforming silence into harmonics of joy
sprinkling stardust on boomboxes across the land {{ka-boom}}
each night when the clock struck eleven : eleven ;
the village people would gather by the northern shore
and gaze in amazement as her heart would glow
whenever the moonlight kissed her raspberry red hair.
filling each heart with that warm lovable fuzzy feeling,
they would see her sparkling in the distance,
creating a trail of falling glitter in the night sky.
the king and queen would often wonder where her joy came from,
this little skylight had a hidden secret; her faith in God

                   ♦ ♣ ♠ ♦ ♣ ♠ ♦ ♣ ♠                                           Ever since i was a little girl, disney fairytales have created such a warm place within my heart. i would often imagine what i would be like, if i was a disney character and my description above is very much like the vivid picture i had in my mind, as a little five year old joy. i remember my granny would read me bedtime stories about ‘Goldylocks and the three bears’ and let me stay up late to watch the good old classics and a favourite of mine 'Cinderella'. Little did i know, in many years to come, those four magical words of ‘Once Upon A Time’ would be held so dearly to my heart <3

”For with each dawn, she found new hope that someday,
her dreams of happiness would come true.”
- Cinderella

Alot of the people in the world we live in, do not believe in the message behind disney.
I find this to be such a waste of infinate possibilities,
because disney is all about believing in yourself,
that all your hearts deepest desires can come true,

if only you keep your faith and never lose that spark of hope.
I like to imagine that when God hand knitted our wee hearts & delivered us to earth,
he gave us all an imagination as a little token of heaven,
to remind us that we where made for so much more <3

”to imagine the music in heaven is a beautiful thing” - quote by joyfaithlove

ive handcrafted this book especially for
, with pages filled with
pretty floral vintage wallpaper and a small brown envelope stuck on each page.
instead of keeping a diary, i am going to write a letter to myself everyday this year.
so i shall have 365 letters to gaze upon my favourite year yet (:

it shall be filled with many spectacular adventures and events <3

you know miracles can happen when you keep your faith in your dreams.
although at this very moment, all i could possibly imagine is,
running into the arms of auckland and embracing its hug <3333333

no words can fully capture the essence of this moment;
twenty eleven just got a whole lot more heaven kissed ♥

As for you m’dearest skylight reading this at this very moment;
you are the leading character in an enchanting story,
written many years ago but yet to unfold before your very eyes ★٠·˙
it shall be more enchanted than a room full of the cresendo-ing sound of violins.
more sparklish than that golden glow twinkling from a fairylite gazebo.
One day your dreams will be fullfilled and when that day arrives,
the angels in heaven will be twirling around, throwing confetti in the air,
in celebration that ‘someone kept believing despite a fallen world’ (:

lots of imagination bursting into life,
dreams and hearts desires, soaring through the clouds
and enchanting once upon a times (:

ps. All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them. εїз

February 2011

you are the fairylight to my christmas tree ;D



hello christmas crackers, mistletoe kisses and pine trees filled with decorations (:

first of all, i hope you all had a very merry christmas
filled with all the joy, love and heart warming moments, one could wish for.
if i lived closer to you, i would embrace you in a heartbeat.
all of my readers mean the absolute disney world to me <3

with our old green christmas tree sparkling in my bedroom,
tonight seems to have that oh-so-mesmerising atmospheric glow.
who knew a set of fairylights in a corner,
could fill one room with the magicalness of disney(: 
im rather content allowing the beautiful melodic voice of taylor swift,
fill the midnight silence with an orchestrated build of romantic emotion.
sitting here catching creative sparks flying through the air,
i thought this would be a wonderful time
to write another one of my inspirational novels, for you all to gaze upon.

    Lots and lots of enchanting stories have filled the chapters of my life
since my last written piece. to put them into words makes me feel like
my mind and heart is going to explode into a million glittery pixels <3
until i was inspired by the picturesque view of my christmas tree,
with eyes fixed upon those fairylights, that set my heart aglow,
i recieved the most deep inner revelation about them ;

in some way those sparkling lightbulbs of magic
remind me of the dearest friends im honored to have in my life.
the lights twirl around the tree from the top to the bottom,
the top of the tree may be where the star is,
but the ones at the bottom are equally as important
they are the first to surge through the electricity, the power source,
leading all the way to the top. thats often why your childhood friends
are the ones you tend to never let go of, they were the originals.
the true friends in whom saw you sparkle first.
along the journey of your life, circumstances may change.
you may not see those gems you once had a history with. but they are never lost.
they’re the foundation that began your whole climb to the top (:

each friend you make throughout your life story, is another light to add to your tree!
y o u          +           f r i e n d          =          o n e          m o r e          c h r i s t m a s          l i g h t

one little light is one little step to reaching for that star
and you know what i find even more fascinating ;

just before my head rests upon the pillows and my imagination enters a world of fictional characters,
i shall leave you all on this final note;
i wish upon my dearest friends that they would come to the realisation
of just how inspirational and magical they all are (:
for them to always remember they have a home in my heart
and ive had freshly made linen placed upon their beds for whenever they wish to sleepover.
you all hold the potential to achieve your dreams and reach for the stars.
you may wonder how i came to believe this all to be true and my answer is ;
                   ♦ ♣ ♠ ♦ ♣ ♠ ♦ ♣ ♠                                           each one of you have decorated my tree beautifully.

lots of christmas crackers and scarves of tinsel,
friendships made into lanterns, creating a radiant light,
and snowflake cut-outs enchanting your heart (:

ps. befriend someone new, everyday. you never know,
you may just be the very first light upon their tree εїз

December 2010

the easter weekend that illuminated my <3


hello fairylights and candles, jars of light and glowing neons (:

just as i snuggle into my teddybear in my lovely cosy bed -
i can hear that oh-so intricate sound
of a trillion rain drops falling upon our rooftop (:
oh how i wish, i had enough jars to cover our entire garden
just so i could capture this very moment,
catching each and every raindrop falling from heaven.
those jars not only exist in the inner most parts of my imagination,
i like to believe there are many metaphorical jars,
planted amongst the flowers, on a patch of grass, within my heart
- jars filled with dreams, memories and shooting stars


before i take the lid from my jar of creativity
and let my poetical charm of romantical etiquette
sweep you off your feet. may i first of all say;
you are about to embark on an adventure that will give you the fuzzies (:
♥       ♥       ♥       ♥       ♥       ♥       ♥

to quote the bible 'If you cling to your life, you will lose it;
but if you give up your life for me, you will find it.’ - matt 10 v 39
such an incredible scripture to convey the realisation,
ive finally come to, in the last handful of months (:

lets pop the cork from my bottle labelled eastercamp illuminate 2010,
*joy pours you a glass filled with bubbles of jesus and sparkles of light
note to self; take little sips. you’ll want to remember this story by morning!
On the bus trip on the road to my most blogged about location;
mystery creek … i remember flickering through the sweet melodic
soundtracks listed amongst my ipod. Of all the ear candy i managed to
absorb within those few hours, for some God given reason;
i only seem to clearly recall the chorus lyrics in a particular song,
a chorus in which i spent most of my time,
reenacting the scene in the notebook where noah picks up allie
as they kiss in the pouring rain (: (love sighs)
little did i know, those very lyrics, would have such an indepth
meaning to me by the end of my eastercamp weekend ;o

my dearest friend emma sent me a message before eastercamp that read;
'illuminate the whole of mystery creek with your amazingness… go on, i dare you.'

☮ although i never got the chance to tell her this; i truly nailed that dare!

if you were to gaze into my eastercamp illuminate jar you would
stumble upon many treasures and gems …
oh i would give a million jars of glitter, to be back in that paladium
singing my heart out in the undeniable presence of God (:
not being able to sing the chorus lyrics in the song Remember by Tim Hughes
because they were so beautifully written, i would have to blink back tears.
all of us united as one, waving our glowsticks in the air,

recieving a revelation they had to be broken before they lite up - just like you and I.
with tears streaming down our cheeks as God continued to minister in our spirits.
gazing upon the bright orange moon one sparkling starry eyed night,
or in the deluxe gazing upon that chandelier of illuminating jars.
to spend some more jesus time with my bestfriend and spiritual sister tilly <3
and walk into the lives of those wonderful people she introduced me to
- marcus, dom and the others who obviously arent as memorable (: tehe
*i shall write you all letters of appology enveloped in red ribon 

i’ll truly never get over the moment …
walking around campus with tilly dearest,
joy chitter chattering about a cute boy.
walking into cute boy. joy smiling super cheesily at cute boy.
tilly leaving joy alone with cute boy.
joy experiencing butterflies to the extreme core.
joy making small talk with cute boy.
cute boy keeps getting cuter. joy imagines kissing cute boy.
joy gazing upon cute boys oceanic blue eyes. joy blushing.
joy skipping over to tilly floating on cotton candy cloud nine ;D
(secret; still the cutest moment of my life to this day)

one particular night i will always hold close to my heart for the rest of my
spiritual walk with jesus; i had this amazing revelation,
the same way i dreamt of my knight in shining armour, speaking to me
was the exact way God desired me to respond to him.
then those lyrics from the roadtrip came flooding back to my memory;
your all i want, your all i need, your everything’
falling on my knees with tears in my eyes, all along i should have been
singing those sweet romantical lyrics to my one and only love - jesus <3

that night i posted this very message upon my facebook;
'God is my permanent 11.11 ;D easter camp 2010 is illuminating my life,
I almost never want to leave mystery creek (: I don’t need no wishes
I’ve got my story tattood in the heart of Christ! Happy buzz’

to be honest; not a single hour in my day has tick tocked by,
where eastercamp hasnt been placed on my heart.
i miss mine and tillys giggle attacks and
my amazing pick up lines after two sips of my raspberry slushy
♥       ♥
well i better place the lid back on my eastercamp illuminate 2010 jar,
before i start spilling the inner most secrets contained in my diary ;D shhh.

lots of shooting stars in crystal clear jars,
illuminating love that sets your heart aglow
and a fire burning deep within your soul (:

ps. let jesus be your everything εїз

April 2010

goodnight to all you songs in the hills ;D


hello faith hope and love (:

to quote the name of the hillsong album,
im currently under the influence of ;D
also, one of the albums i took home from parachute,
it even came with a dvd filled with
joel houston,
A JESUS BUZZ, yummy musicians in checked shirts,
brooke ligertwood, darlene zschech and the rest of the hillsong crew,
amazing melodys and harmonys,
pastors sonsjoel houston (again),
an uber empowered, enthusiastic congregation, epic lighting,
more cute aussies worshiping the lord
includes a snippet clip of brian houston having a laugh with the crew,
playing guitar and singing and once more.. joel houston
ps. gahhh i squelled when joel first stepped onto the stage ;O
man you should have seen the expression on my face,
you would actually have been convinced i was in love with him ♥
†  ♥  ✿

well it seems it would be out of courtesy, to explain my trippy photograph above ^^
(that and the fact i simply cannot believe my eyes and MUST tell you all)
i snapped this shot in the mosh pit at rapture ruckus
and i can solemnly declare 'there was nobody holding hands'
i even have a bundle of other snapshots to prove it was God and only him
who could have made those clasped hands appear out of the blue.
in another picture i took at kingstons show in the white elephant,
those same hands appeared in the photograph ;O
it was as if God was speaking into my life through photography,
'clicking' it into my heart..

i am right before you in spirit, your hand entangled in mine’

parachute music fest has always been the highlight of every summer
for the past four years and i think i got myself a little too hyped up
over it this year, therefore i came home with what felt like,
a massive storm cloud of disappointment dangling above my head :/
things were far from amazing or magical or anything of the sort,
friday i saw the one i like - walking through the village with another girl,
which was a tiny bit h e a r t - c r u s h i n g, but im so blessed to have
the most epic friends with the most impeccable timing God could ever
chuck upon humanity - tilly ran into me within one blink of an eye,
she was a re-freshing distraction to what had just stolen my joy face.

i felt sick all of saturday, it was beyond bad timing thats fo’sho,
but i have the most amazing friendling pauline, who was with me
the entire day without a complaint (we saved that for monday)
that night was the 20th parachute birthday celebration and
switchfoot ended with a BANG = can you hear firework display!

then sunday arrived upon the ‘tent-step’ and the heavens literally
flew open with buckets of rain.. only for the entire day!?
whatttttttttt its supposed to be the middle of summer and here
i was standing under shohans (chick in kingstons) umbrella
with zaneta and pauline (: it was lovely catching up with her,
ive missed kingston so much since they’ve been touring in america,
canada and europe.. seeing them play live, is like recieving a million
and twenty warm bear-hugs ;D
i love them so much more than one could possibly imagine.
they never fail to make joyfaithlove feel special and i love them for it!

sunday night at 10.35pm hillsong united hit mainstage,
before i share this remarkable impacting story,
let me just say - this was the most antisipated moment in my life so far!
myself and pauline ran, skipped and jumped over tent ropes to get to
mainstage (as we were running uber later),

if pushing my way through 30 thousand people, to end up front and center of
joel houston, worshiping drenched in the pouring rain, is’nt dedication.
i really dont know what is. i took so many amazing close up snapshots of joel (:
it was freezing and cold and wet and muddy and the tears were streaming down
my face but in the down pour, you couldnt really tell the difference between the
raindrops and mascara teardrops. the atmosphere of that night, will have an impact
on me for the rest of my life. i dont think i could ever forget it.
the presence of God was so overwhelming, i felt him whisper to me words of hope.

'i did infact recieve my first kiss in the rain, that night while i was worshiping
at hillsong united, jesus took me by the hand, looked me in the eyes and kissed me.
it was like a million raindroplets falling from heaven and it was a significant moment ♥
thanks joelyyy (he said let tonight be a significant moment) IT WAS.

and in that moment, thats when God touched my life.
so i never met joel but one thing i did walk away with,
was a hope, a vision and a dream for the future.
joel shared a message at the end, i cant recall everything word for word
but one thing that stood out to me like a highlighted chapter in a bible,
was ‘hillsong performing arts academy’,
i came home with a burning desire within my spirit to go there
and im going to run with this dream for once in my life.
so im going to be jet setting across that ocean to sydney for my audition.
vocal training with the best of the best, dancing under those epic lights,
seeing joel houstons face around everyday ;D DO I HEAR AN - AMEN!

lots of dreams, hopes and visions,
inspiration for your future
and faith hope and love (:

ps. worship him in the down pour εїз

February 2010

hello to all you happy campers, packing for parachute ;D


hello mosh pits and village hangs, mystery creek and the presence of GOD (:

if the title and introduction wasnt obvious enough,
i would say 'its time for parachute music festival' ;O
i simply cannot believe its been a whole year
since i last pitched my tent upon that lovely, lush.. burnt grass,
in that magical location i like to call mystery creek, hamilton.

i cannot wait to roadtrip my way up there,
pitch my new tent, walk around the camp ground
and reminisce in all my past time memorys.

parachute is different from other music festivals,
the vibe is simply beyond words and description,
you’ll just have to take my word for it, when i say,
its truly a transforming, life changing, impacting weekend (:

i’ve been thinking about parachute a little too much lately,
mainly wondering what potential it holds for my future,
today mum reminded me of the true meaning behind parachute - God.
im real disappointed in myself for putting my own insecurities first.
sometimes i feel as though im dancing the dance of life solo,
pushing out the idea that God could be my dance partner,
leading me in the waltz we like to call - our story (:

i know he is compassionate and bottles my every tear,
i know his spirit is within me, to guide me through, when i may stumble.
but he is God - he needs to be my one true love.
if i cant fall for christ, the one who gave his life for me,
how can i ever deserve someone to fall for me.
sometimes we can be decieved, under a cloud of disappointment,
we pray the same prayers over and over repetitively,
with high expectation, we confuse high hopes with strong faith.
the difference being -
Faith is always in the present, accepting
Hope is always in the future, expecting

(which one would you rather have, i know which one i would pick)

♥       ♥       ♥       ♥       ♥       ♥       ♥       ♥       ♥       ♥       ♥       ♥       ♥       ♥

so maybe i dont have my joel houston look-alike, my dream of travelling the world with hillsong united and a performing arts crew. maybe i dont wake up overlooking a vineyard in napa or snapping photography of scenic views from world trips. maybe im not in a famous band and touring the country signing autographs and recording albums. maybe i dont look in the mirror and see the beautiful person other people see within me. maybe i worry about things a little more than the average person.
maybe i need to just let go. let love in. forgive myself and take the risk.

just because i cant see these dreams and aspirations before me,
does not mean God wont bless me with them in the future.
rainbows cannot be made without the rain,
so God i’ll go through this storm and i wont need no umbrella,
i’ve got you and thats all the shelter i could ever need.

lots of mainstage, palladium, deluxe, apollo, massive and the dome,
sweet hangtimes and catch ups with true bff’s,
kingston songs, joel houston meet and greets
and blessings poured down from the one its all about - God (:

ps. let jesus be the love of your life εїз

January 2010

happy new year to all you resolutions waiting to happen ;D


hello sparklers and fire works, countdowns and new year kisses (:

so im currently sitting in my room,
imagining it was surrounded by fairylights
overlooking a vineyard in napa (i have a fascination with them).
not so much because of the wine, ive just always had this fairytale fantasy
to have an evening wedding in the middle of a vineyard.
i think it would make such a romantical setting,
*paint the picture as my imagination unfolds..
in my outlandish embroidered wedding dress,
skipping through the vineyard tracks, covered in rose petals.
fairylights intertwined around the vines and grapes,
with a gazebo in the center glistening in the distance ;D

my ‘thing for vineyards’ evolved after seeing ‘the parent trap’,
the girl grew up on a vineyard in napa
and it just captured my heart so much,
i used to write stories about them all the time ;D
i can imagine it be a lovely place to write songs,
looking up at the stars everynight through a glass ceiling..
which reminds me of something i once wrote on facebook..

one day we will have our very own house with a ceiling made of glass. so we can count stars instead of sheep as they sparkle above our heads. and when theres a storm, we’ll dance and let the lightening be our strobe light. the thunder be our music. and the raindrops be our falling glitter’

pretty writing, dont cha think (: i like to call myself a poetical symphony.
im such a poet, ive even considered naming one of my children
create and the other ivity - creativity for those who cannot spell.

woah i seem to have written a fair amount of paragraphs for one night
and i cant seem to comprehend how my new year resolutions blog
has anything remotely to do with vineyards..
perhaps twenty-ten holds things beyond my comprehension,
aka - trips to vineyards in napa, california ;D;D

since its nearly 5-in-the-am and its taken me a good
two hours to type this bundle of oozing grape-filled-ness,
i’ll save my resolution blog for another night in the new year
and conclude with a snippet of my january excitement,
almost time for granny to arrive in kiwi-land
almost my 18th birthday
almost parachute music fest
which means my meet and greet
with joel houston is just around the corner ☮

lots of fairylights, sparklers and glittery midnight streamers,
resolutions destined to bring fulfillment
and vineyards for you to skip through (:

ps. let 2010 be a whole new chapter to a whole new you εїз

December 2009

merry christmas to all you hand crafted gems ;D


hello elves and reindeers, snowflakes and ice sickles (:

im currently sitting on my window ledge,
gazing upon all of the dazzling stars
painted amongst the navy blue sky.
the moon reflecting on my neighbours window,
this is a picture only a polaroid could truly capture.
i made my wish when the clock struck 11.11 ;D
creating deep thoughts, wandering into my own little world.
i find a sense of peace and contentment,
despite crushed hopes, disappointments and teardrops on my pillow.

i’ve come to the realisation,
God has already written my love story.
and each and every chapter holds the potential
for something beautiful, something of worth, something of true meaning ♥
no longer will i imagine my love story, i think i’ll start living in the pages ;D

someones face came to mind as i was typing this,
and im not going to say 'he's the one' but i do believe,
that God knows the desires of my heart,
whether it be this person or someone im yet to meet,
i have whole hearted faith and trust in God,
that he has my 'joel houston' somewhere out there, waiting for me.
but until that magical day, i’ll let God be my knight and shining armour.

lots of candy cane covered christmas trees,
cinnamon scented gingerbread men
and fairytale styled fairylights (:

ps. you radiate the atmosphere of christmas εїз